Exploration of 'Yi Cupping' Clinical Experience in Treating Neck and Shoulder Pain

Associate Professor Shiyuan ZHONG is the inventor of "Yi Cupping", a well-known expert in rehabilitation medicine in China. He is a proud student of Professor Long Cenghua, the founder of "Long's Manipulation". Professor Zhong is good at adopting the strengths of various schools, integrating traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and has profound and unique insights into various manipulation techniques. In clinical treatment, he combines the use of 'Yi Cupping' to obtain alternative curative effects.
Associate Professor Zhong Shiyuan graduated from Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in his early years. Since 1984, he studies from Professor Wei Zheng and Professor Long Cenghua, who first proposed the theory of "Spine Etiology" in China, and edited "Spine Etiology and Therapeutics". 40 years of research, lecturing, and clinical treatment in the department. Independent editor-in-chief of four monographs, including "Foot Diagnosis and Foot Acupuncture Manipulation", "Myofascial Yi Cupping and Sticking Manipulation ", "Therapeutics of Spine-related Diseases", "Treatment of Human Meridian and Muscle Diseases and Trigger Point Diagram". He also published 43 related papers in China and overseas.
Associate Professor Zhong Shiyuan is currently the deputy director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine Orthopedics, Liwan District Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Guangzhou, an associate professor of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, a famous Chinese medicine doctor in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, and the executive vice president of the Hong Kong College of Chinese Medicine Orthopedics.
‘Yi Cupping’ is an innovative product made by Associate Professor Zhong Shiyuan based on the principle of cupping in traditional Chinese medicine, using silica gel, and obtained a Chinese national patent. In clinical use, in addition to the general cupping function, it can also be exercised with cupping according to the condition, which has the effects of stretching tendons, relaxing fascia, resolving knots, and relieving pain. “

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