Seminar Notice - Integration of Pattern and disease differentiations and treatments in Chinese medicine for malignancy

Seminar topics

Integration of Pattern and Disease Differentiations and Treatments in Chinese Medicine for Malignancy


Dr. Henry Liang

Seminar time

7:00PM --10:00PM 03/10/2020 Saturday

Seminar Method

Zoom Meeting


3 Hours 3CPD

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Speaker Introduction

Dr. Henry Liang

After being awarded a bachelor's and master's degree in Chinese Medicine at Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine from 1978 to 1986, Dr Henry Liang stayed at the university to engage in teaching and clinical practice. He moved to Australia in the 1990s and studied for a doctorate degree with research on Chinese medicine for cancer at RMIT university. His research and clinical practice were also under the guidance of Professor Daihan Zhou (Master of Chinese Medicine), a well-known expert of Chinese medicine oncology. He served as the Principal of Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, was the head of Chinese Medicine Unit of Western Sydney University, a member of the Chinese Medicine Accreditation Committee of CMBA, and the chairman of NSW Association of Chinese Medicine.


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